Let the Army have a go at the LeT/JeM in PoK!

Security Wise

I wrote the last post yesterday that the reaction to the Baramulla strike on the RR camp ought to be a sustained operation against the terrorists deep inside PoK. This morning, Economic Times on its front page had an intriguing story “Army wants Six Months to Smash PoK Terror Ops” (http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/defence/army-wants-six-months-to-smash-terror-infrastructure-in-pakistan-occupied-kashmir/articleshow/54664612.cms) reports that Army HQrs was seeking sanction from the Modi government for a sustained cross-LoC drive against ISI-managed and Pakistan army protected LeT/JeM infrastructure. Without sounding too bloodthirsty, GOI should authorize such a strategy. It will free the army to realize its plan without its having to seek political approval at every turn or before every action. If the army is essentially demanding that professionals be left free to obtain the outcome GOI wants, then it is time that such a carte blanche, in fact, be given.

For one thing because the army seems to be fired up, especially…

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